Harold A. Merrick

Harold A. Merrick

Date of Death

June 26, 2017

Date of Birth

December 6, 1937


Resided in Huntington, NY


Affordable Cremation Services of New York
130 Carleton Avenue
Central Islip, New York 11722
(516) 546-4626

Wendy Granados-Lopez posted on March 12, 2023

To Hal and his family. Hal was an awesome driving instructor when we first started. He always believed in me when my parents were giving me a rough time when I failed my driving test continously. He was also very accepting of me when I first came out of the closet. He was like a grandfather to me since I never met my own. He told me that if I gave up on getting my driver's license I would regret it. I am happy to say that I took his advice and eventually passed my road test on October 2nd 2017. I called the driving school to see if they can let me talk to him. To share the good news but unfortunately that was when they told me he died a few months earlier. I wished I knew earlier so I can pay my respects. The good news is that my little brother works at the driving school that Hal used to work at as a customer service representative. He was able to find his name that is still in the system so that I can write my condolences. I am happy to say that my life is getting better. I recently graduated from Eastern Suffolk Boces in my Phlebotomy class and I am now a certified phlebotomist. It is because of Hal's radiant attitude I had the strength to make things better for my life. Thank you for everything. I miss you very much.

Jim Laino Jr. posted on April 29, 2021

To My Dear Friend Hal Merrick and Family, I am very sorry to be offering my heartfelt condolences so late but they are no less real, genuine and sincere right now than they would be then had I known such sad news much, much sooner. Hal was my driving instructor for a time and during that time he treated me like family, he even introduced me to his great family. At a time when I felt rejected by almost everyone, Hal accepted me and he BELIEVED in me, he told me to never give up, I tear up every time I think of the incredible kindness that Hal showed to me at a very difficult time in my life. I am doing much, much better today and I am very grateful to have known Harold Merrick. I'll never forget the story Hal told me about his time in the U.S Air Force . He was a Fighter Pilot during the Vietnam War and he was shot down by a Russian MiG Jet, the cockpit of Hal's plane landed intact in a rice paddy. The Pilot of the MiG was also a Russian according to Hal as he later learned that this individual called in Hal's coordinates on an open radio channel which led to his prompt rescue by other Americans. After recovering from his injuries, Hal spent his remaining time in Vietnam as a talented fighter pilot instructor. God Bless You Hal, keep flying higher and higher in Peace, we'll meet again.. And to Hal's Family and Friends, I hope you are all doing well and feeling well!


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