Why Choose Us

why-chooseUnlike most funeral homes who treat cremation as a sideline to their traditional funeral business, simple, affordable cremation is all we offer. Because we do not sell expensive caskets or offer embalming, we do not have the costs associated with operating a full service funeral home. Meaning you get the highest level of personal compassionate service at prices that make sense.

Affordable Cremation Services of New York has an exclusive agreement with the Nassau Suffolk Crematory, a modern facility providing a comfortable and soothing environment to families. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and waterfalls, this facility offers a relaxing and quiet oasis for you and your loved ones.

Our strict set of operating policies not only meet the state requirements, they exceed them. We oversee every step of the entire process to maximize our level of care.

Perhaps most important, unlike other cremation providers who outsource cremation services to a third party provider, we perform the cremation ourselves. Gain peace of mind knowing your loved one never leaves our care.