Veterans Benefits


Affordable Cremation Services of New York is proud to serve American veterans. Burial allowances, burial flags, burial in national cemetery, headstones and markers, and Presidential Memorial Certificates may be covered by the VA. Contact the VA regional office for assistance in applying for these Veterans Benefit services.

vet2Benefits are available for honorably discharged veterans who have completed the required period of service, U.S. Armed Forces members who died on active duty, as are spouses and dependent children of eligible living and deceased veterans, and of current and deceased armed forces members. For more information please call (800) 827-1000. Veterans’ benefits are not paid automatically.

To apply, contact the Veterans Administration. In order to expedite the process have the below documents at hand when filing your claims:

  • Social Security number for yourself and your dependent children
  • Certified copy of original DD214 (Enlisted Record and Report of Separation)
  • Certified copy of Death Certificate
  • Verification of the life insurance amount you will receive as a result of the veterans death
  • Paid receipts for hospital and doctor bills incurred by last illness, if applicable
  • Paid receipts for funeral and cemetery expenses
  • If either yourself or the veteran was previously married, provide a certified copy of the original divorce decree or death certificate proving the previous marriage was dissolved by divorce or death
  • If there are dependent children, you will need an original birth certificate for each child under 18 or over 18 if full-time student
  • If over 18 and still in school, you will need to fill out VA Form 21-674
  • If you or the veteran receives Social Security Benefits, the exact amount must be reported
  • If you already have a VA claim number, you must furnish the claim number you have been assigned
  • If you or the veteran receives additional income, the source and exact amount must be reported