Cremation Process

cremation-processYour loved one never leaves our care

When we receive your loved one, our staff prepares all required legal authorizations and then logs the information into our crematory tracking slip 골든서클. A relative, guardian or designated agent identifies your loved one electronically.

We obtain required signatures on legal documents, authorization, and death certificates 다운로드.

Your loved one is then placed in a minimal container required by law and placed in our secure refrigeration unit. The cremation is then scheduled and the crematory superintendent reviews all paperwork including family instructions 다운로드.


We’ll take care of all the details

Paperwork accompanies the deceased during the cremation process and is attached to the front of the crematory prior to the procedure 다운로드.

Once complete, the crematory log is updated with the date and time of cremation and the crematory operator’s name. A cremation certification is created and placed with the cremated remains 다운로드.

The remains are cooled then removed and processed and placed in a designated urn or temporary container selected by the family. We hold the urn in our secure facility for either pick up by an authorized representative or delivery via mail or our personnel to the place of final interment 다운로드.